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The SXA Way | Series Intro

What does ‘The SXA Way’ even mean?. Great question! As I was beginning development with SXA, I noticed everyone referencing The SXA Way, but I never actually understood what that means. No coding? How is that even possible! The thing about SXA though, is that once you understand how it works, you realize how easy it is. Getting to that point, however, proves to be easier said than done.

As an introduction to SXA, I will be writing a number of posts covering the basics of The SXA Way, including:

  • Creating a custom rendering by cloning
  • Basics rendering variant creation
  • Advanced rendering variant creation (with deep dive into NVelocity)
  • Creating a completely custom rendering
  • Using partial designs and page designs
  • Best practices
  • Tying it all together

All of the posts in this series will be referring to Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release and SXA 1.8 (both latest versions as of time of writing). I hope you find this series every bit as helpful as I like to think it would’ve been for me when I started SXA development!

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