1. Sitecore 9.1 Install Cheat Sheet

    At first glance, Sitecore installations from version 9 onwards seemed unnecessarily complicated. I myself worked through a number of failed installations the first few times. Then tools like SIF-less were created to simplify the entire process, but I always preferred to install Sitecore myself. …

  2. Sitecore 9 Service Cleanup

    Congratulations, you’ve just completed your first (or more) installation of Sitecore 9! The site comes up, but you’re noticing that your computer is running much slower than before. You take a quick look at your running services and notice java is taking up 90% of your CPU. What gives? …

My name is Olivier McNicoll

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I am a Canadian-American Computer Engineer currently living in New Hampshire. I moved to Boston in 2012 to attend Northeastern University and only recently left to get closer to my passions. I was a rower in college and have a passion for mountain biking and hiking.

I am currently a Lead Sitecore Developer at Productive Edge, hence the Sitecore blog found on this site. You can usually find me looking for more challenges and new problems to solve.

What will you find here?

Do you ever find yourself googling trivial questions like How to undo git commit, never mind the fact you’ve done it 100 times before? This blog is a bit like that, chronicling small nuggets of information I find myself looking back for over and over again. Really it’s to use as my own source of knowledge, but hopefully you can prosper from it as well! All of the content on this blog is from my own experiences and opinions. If you have anything to add to any subject, feel free to start a discourse or reach out directly! If I have something wrong I'd definitely prefer to fix it and spread good knowledge.

What won't you find here?

Most of the interesting things I do in my day-to-day tasks revolve around the actual development of features. As such, most if not all of the examples here will be focused on development environments and you will not find many articles relating to deployment configurations or other production difficulties.